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Which Insurance Companies Cover Addiction Rehab?


Addiction is a medical disorder deserving of treatment just like any other health condition. This understanding combined with new health coverage laws have greatly improved the chances that those in need of addiction rehab will be able to afford it. Most big name insurance companies now offer coverage for addiction treatment programs. Whether or not a specific treatment program or center is covered by insurance will vary with each person’s policy. Currently most major health insurance providers such as Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield include addiction treatment coverage under policy benefits. Large health insurance providers and employers have taken the initiative to cover substance abuse prevention programs with screenings and early intervention to treat the problem before it worsens. It is imperative that a person understands his or her health insurance coverage. Addiction recovery counselors can help interpret policy benefits to get individuals the treatment they need.

How Much of My Addiction Rehabilitation Costs Will Be Covered under Insurance?

Addiction requires professional treatment for individuals to manage their addictive tendencies and maintain long-term sobriety. Professional addiction rehab has been proven to lead to successful recovery. How much of this treatment will be covered by insurance depends on individual insurance policies. Some insurance companies will pay the entire bill, after a deductible has been met, and others will pay for certain pre-qualifying portions of treatment or certain aspects of treatment. An addict should never settle, when it comes to finding treatment for addiction. Most insurance companies and addiction counselors will work with individuals to find affordable options that do not sacrifice the quality of treatment.

What If My Insurance Doesn’t Cover Rehabilitation or I Don’t Have Insurance At All?

If your insurance policy does not cover addition treatment or you are without health insurance coverage, there are still options available to make addiction rehab affordable. Possible financial options include scholarships from nonprofit organizations, cash discounts from rehab centers, attending public treatment centers or applying for government funding. Some rehab centers offer sliding-scale costs or affordable payment plans. There are a number of nonprofit programs that offer patient aid or no- or low-interest loan assistance to those in need. Government assistance is limited but still available to those who qualify.

Addiction treatment is not a luxury or an option. Addiction treatment is essential to achieving lasting sobriety. Battling long-term addiction alone, paying for medical treatment related to drug abuse, relapsing and spending money on drugs will cost a significant amount more than paying for quality rehab treatment the first time around.

Find out If Your Insurance Policy Covers Addiction Rehabilitation

If you or a loved one is in need of addiction treatment or feels overwhelmed with cost concerns, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline, and let our compassionate and experienced counselors assess your addiction needs and help you find a treatment program that you can afford. Whether you have questions about insurance coverage or need information about treatment programs, we can help.

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