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What to Do when Insurance Won’t Help Me Get Into Rehab

insurance-wont-pay-for-rehabAre you frustrated with trying to arrange insurance coverage for drug or alcohol rehab? We can help you arrange treatment even if you’re having trouble with your insurance company.

How to Pay for Addiction Rehabilitation

Whether you have a PPO mental health plan or an HMO mental health plan, there are ways to work with your insurance provider. When you allow our experienced treatment professionals to work on your behalf, we can help you find quality rehab that is actually covered under your insurance plan. The following are three ways that you may pay for detox or substance abuse rehab:

  • Cash payment or payment plan
  • Insurance covered treatment
  • A government-funded program, often provided in community settings

Treatment covered by insurance and cash will usually yield a higher quality of treatment. Community-based treatment programs are useful and help many people, but if you seek professionals who have spent years becoming the best available, you want to seek treatment in a private setting.

Private setting treatment is often covered under insurance. Your insurance company may only work directly with certain rehab programs. When your life is in crisis, it can be difficult to determine which quality rehab programs are in and which programs are out of your insurance provider’s network. We can help: we work with a large group of some of the best treatment programs in the United States and Canada. We can help you through each process of finding treatment by helping you with the following:

  • Selecting a treatment and rehab program that specializes in your area of needs and your specific addiction.
  • Finding a safe, comfortable, medically supervised detox program that will allow you or your loved one to get clean from addictive substances.
  • Arranging an intervention or put you in touch with an interventionist who will help your loved one agree to treatment.
  • Working with your insurance provider to give you clear answers that make sense.

Help Finding Addiction Rehabilitation

We are a fully licensed network of treatment providers that values your privacy and your family’s needs. Please call us now at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline; let us work with your insurance company on your behalf. All of our insurance services are free to you. For more information about our program and information on treatment programs that can be mailed to your door or emailed to you, please call now. Our recovery counselors are available day and night to help you get through this.

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